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Oklahoma State University
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs


Varsity Revue History

Varsity Revue is an all campus variety show. Over the years, Varsity Revue has become a tradition OSU students look forward to, but few know of the humble beginnings. The story begins with a 1929 editorial by the Daily O'Collegian editor, Joe Griffin. In his editorial he complained that the band's performances were lackluster and their physical appearance was poor. Band members were furious, but Griffin was willing to confront the problems he addressed. With the help of the Press Club, an agreement was reached. A campus vaudeville production was proposed. The show, along with the sale of "Beat OU" tags, would raise funds to buy university band uniforms. On November 18, 1929, the first Varsity Revue opened. The show went for many years to follow and was even kept afloat as many students were called to war. Since its inception, Varsity Revue has included men and women from the fraternity and sorority community, from student organizations and from residence halls in the performance. However, as time passed, fraternity men and sorority women truly embraced the Varsity Revue tradition, and, beginning in 2013, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs took over the advising role.

As we get more pieces of history, this page will continue to grow! If there is not a year recorded, it does not mean the production didn't take place, just that we don't have enough information. Let us know if you have something to contribute to Varsity Revue's History by emailing We love seeing old photos, videos, programs, and anything else that made your VR experience a memorable one!