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Oklahoma State University


Prospective Membership

Interested in Joining a Multicultural Fraternity or Sorority?

If you'd like to join or are interested in learning more about a culturally-based fraternity or sorority, then you've come to the right place! Feel free to browse through the links on the left side of the page to learn more; the "Chapter Listing" link to the left allows you to view information about the chapters the Multicultural Greek Council consists of. Additionally, the "Event" link to the left has our most up to date activities so you can come meet us!

INTAKE information

Interested? Click here to view our 2017 Intake Booklet.

Interest Form

Click here to view a copy of the MGC Interest Form.  Please bring completed forms to the address below:  

Multicultural Greek Council

c/o Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

211J Student Union

Stillwater, OK 74078

Interest forms will be provided to the chapters that you indicate on your form.  For more information, continue browsing our website, or check us out on Twitter.

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