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Oklahoma State University
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs


Greek Neighborhood Association

What is the Greek Neighborhood Association?

The Greek neighborhood association  (GNA) is a 501(c)(3)  organization of alumni representatives from the fraternities and sororities at Oklahoma State University. Our goal is to enhance safety and security in the Greek neighborhood. While fraternity/sorority housing are owned and operated by each organization, they are considered "University-Approved Housing" which means each facility serves to support a living-learning environment for residents within the Greek Neighborhood. The designated neighborhood includes the area between University Ave to 4th Street and Washington to Walnut Street.


Fraternity & Sorority House Directors

Each fraternity or sorority house at Oklahoma State University has a live-in house director that is employed by the house corporation. If you have a passion for working with college students to assist in their growth and development, this might be the perfect opportunity for you! More information related to the position and instructions to apply can be found HERE


These projects were financed from the GNA funds and completed through a cooperative arrangement with the City of Stillwater. Each of the housed Greek organizations pay a yearly membership fee of $200 plus $10.00 per student on the chapter's official roll. This money is used to fund special projects that are approved by the GNA members. An elected board of directors governs the organization.

  1. Installed orange street signs to identify the area.
  2. Installed 95 street lights to improve lighting and safety in the designated area.
  3. Installed external security cameras on the outside of sorority and fraternity houses.
  4. Purchased and strategically placed exterior trash cans in the designated neighborhood.

Contact Information

For more information about the Greek Neighborhood Association, please contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs at (405) 744-5490 or by email at