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Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Register for Interfraternity Council Recruitment HERE

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Recruitment (Must register even if you attended Greek Discovery Day)

**There is a $50 fee at the end of registration that is exclusively for IFC Recruitment Registration.

Must complete this (including payment) before you can be officially registered for recruitment

*Recruitment registration is separate from Greek Discovery Day registration*

Click here to access the 2021 IFC Recruitment Registration Fee Wavier.

Please download the application below to fill out and send to our Director of Recruitment along with your resume in order to be considered for the recruitment registration fee wavier. 

Once completed, and as Signing Day approaches, potential new members will need to sign their bid cards, which will be received via Adobe Sign. Please make sure your email and parent(s) email has been provided to the chapter which you are signing. 

Learn more about fraternity life at Oklahoma State University here

Recruitment Process

To become a member of a Greek Letter organization, you must go through the process of recruitment. In short, recruitment is the process by which chapters select their new members. The majority of universities across the nation start this process at the beginning of the fall or spring semester. This is known as formal recruitment. What makes Oklahoma State unique is our use of the informal recruitment process. Informal recruitment allows our fraternities to recruit throughout the summer for their fall new member classes. We also practice year-long recruitment, so if you missed out on summer recruitment, there is no need to worry!

Greek Discovery Day

Greek Discovery Day is an opportunity for students interested in Greek Life to learn about the different fraternities and sororities at Oklahoma State. On Greek Discovery Day students will gain valuable knowledge about our Greek system and will get a chance to tour houses in the Greek neighborhood while also meeting members of the various fraternities. GDD is a great way to meet people and start your recruitment! Follow this link to register for GDD: Greek Discovery Day 2021

If you are unable to attend Greek Discovery Day, you can get involved by contacting the IFC Director of Recruitment, Cameron Kahoe. He can answer any other questions you may have about the recruitment process and inform you of any other IFC sponsored events that would be beneficial to your recruitment experience. You can contact the IFC Director of Recruitment through email at

Summer Recruitment 

Please consult our IFC Recruitment COVID-19 Guidelines and Expectations here for all informal summer recruitment events. 

Throughout the summer, fraternities will contact potential new members to invite them to dinners and/or events. This allows fraternities and potential new members to get to know each other and find out which fraternity is the best fit for them. Keep in mind that every chapter has its own unique characteristics and benefits, and that the best chapter for you may not be the same as it is for a classmate or friend.

Fraternity Signing Day- June 26, 2021. These events will align with CDC, OSU, State and local ordinances to assure the safety of all in attendance which include wearing face coverings and social distancing. It is not an expectation to attend a signing day event to become a member of a fraternity. Signing Day is the first day that potential new members can sign with a chapter. Potential new members will have all of the summer to sign with a chapter, Signing Day is simply the first day that you can sign. Each fraternity will have their own signing day event, which will vary by time and location.

Please remember that the Interfraternity Council Recruitment at Oklahoma State University is a substance-free process. Any group who violates this concept is suspect and recruits should very closely evaluate that organization's values and standards.


For further information contact IFC Recruitment at