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Oklahoma State University
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs


Interfraternity Council

*Photo courtesy of Genesee Photo Systems / Party Pix

Welcome to the Interfraternity Council at Oklahoma State University! At Oklahoma State, the word “fraternity” represents a unique brotherhood; men who intentionally join together to pursue scholastic achievement, lead our fellow students, and create life-long relationships with those around us. However, Greek Life at OSU isn’t just about us. Our fraternities are dedicated to our community by constantly engaging in community service, fundraising, and other philanthropic efforts. We define ourselves by our dedication to excellence in all that we do. 

Currently, the Interfraternity Council is comprised of twenty two nationally recognized member fraternities. The IFC executive team oversees our resident fraternities by providing governance and support whenever necessary.

Interfraternity Council meets every Thursday @5:00pm, reach out to if you or your organization is interested in presenting at an IFC council meeting.

To view the conduct history of our chapters, please click HERE.

Our Team: