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Oklahoma State University
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs




An initiated member of a fraternity or sorority.

Alumna or Alumnus

An initiated sorority or fraternity member who is no longer in college.


A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.


A term used by initiated members of a fraternity to refer to one another.


A unique vocal expression attributed to an organization. Calls are special to members and shouldn't be replicated by non-members.


A local group affiliated with a national organization.


A new fraternity or sorority that is working to receive a charter from the national organization to which it is affiliated. When a charter is received, they become a chapter of that national organization.


A term used to indicate that a new member has been fully initiated into a group.

Formal Fall Recruitment 

A sorority membership selection period at Oklahoma State held the two weeks before fall classes begin.


A group of men/women bonded together for educational and social purposes. Each strives to provide a point of reference from which individual

can evaluate his/her own desires and achievements as well as his/her own feelings of worth as a contributing member.

Graduate Advisor/Chapter

An individual or group of alumni working to advise the local undergraduate chapter; this group is affiliated with the national organization and not the university

Hand Sign

A symbol or gesture made with the hands to signify an organization. Hand signs are special to members and shouldn't be replicated by non-members.


A negative form of conduct that focuses on mistreating, demeaning or otherwise degrading the personal worth of another individual. Hazing is prohibited by all national fraternities, the State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the OSU fraternity and sorority community.


A week long series of activities prior to the OSU Homecoming. Most members of sororities and fraternities are involved in many of the events surrounding Homecoming. .


Interfraternity Council, which is the governing body for all North-American Interfraternity Conference fraternities on campus.

Informal or Continuous Open Recruitment

Membership selection process conducted at various times during the year by fraternities and sororities on campus that have openings. This process is less structured than formal recruitment and might involve activities such as attending a chapter dinner, intramural event or community service project.


A forum of individuals interested in seeking more information about a particular fraternity or sorority.


The formal ceremonies, or ritual, by which new members complete membership into a chapter and receive full membership privileges.

Intake or Membership Intake

The term groups use to bring new members into an organization. Each MGC and NPHC group determines when they will conduct intake. Each group can be assisted in this process by their graduate chapter and/or graduate advisor. In general, MGC and NPHC groups require sophomore status and a 2.5 cumulative GPA for someone to go through intake.


A man or woman who has a family member who is an active member or an alumnus/alumna of a fraternity or sorority. Typically, children, grandchildren and siblings are considered legacies. However, some fraternities and sororities have other legacy policies.


Group of individuals going through the membership intake process. Another term is new member class.

Line Brother/Sister

Members who went through the membership intake process together

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

The governing council representing the Greek-letter organizations affiliated with ethnicity, sexual identity, or underrepresented population interest at Oklahoma State University 

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

National Pan-Hellenic Council, the governing body of the historically African-American fraternities and sororities.

National or International Headquarters

The governing organization of a fraternity/sorority.

Neophyte Show/New Member Presentation/Probate

Interchangeable terms used to describe the public announcement of the newest members' crossing (initiation)

New Member

Man or woman who has accepted an invitation to join a Greek organization.

Order of Omega

A Greek honor society based on outstanding scholarship, leadership and community service.

Panhellenic or PHC

Panhellenic Council is the governing body of all the National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus.


Service projects or fund raising activities for charitable institutions conducted by members of the Greek community.

Potential New Member

An unaffiliated man or woman who participates in intake


The activity by which a fraternity or sorority brings into membership its new members who have met initiation requirements; the traditionally secret ceremonies of a fraternity or sorority.


A term used by initiated members of a sorority in reference of one another.