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Oklahoma State University

Orientation Information

NOTE: This page has information only applicable to Graduate Students. Undergraduate students please click here.

ISS Handbook

International Student Orientation is specifically designed for new and transfer international students. This mandatory orientation includes information on academics, immigration regulations, housing, meals, transportation, health care, banking, legal issues and American customs. International orientation acquaints students with the OSU campus and community through multiple presentations that provide important information for settling into college life in Stillwater.

Mandatory Graduate Orientation is August 10th and Undergraduate is August 15th which is the best time for you to become familiar with the U.S., OSU and Stillwater community.


  1. When you arrive on campus, please report to the ISS office located at 250 Student Union to register for orientation.
  2. Bring the following with you:
    1. Passport
    2. I-20
    3. I-94
    4. Other Immigration Documents
Passport, I-20, I-94, Other Immigration Documents


  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the necessary information - as it appears in your passport
      1. Family Name
      2. First Name
      3. Birth Date
      4. Passport number
      5. Country of Issuance
      6. Date of Entry (stamped in passport)
      7. Class of Admission (eg. F-1, J-1)
  3. Submit and print



Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

Please follow the order of the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Go to University Health Service Center (UHS) located at 1202 Farm Road to complete (1) tuberculosis test, and (2) submit your immunization form.
    Click HERE for the tuberculosis test form.
  • Step 2: Report to the ISS Office (250 Student Union) to register for orientation and to complete immigration processing. Please be sure to bring your I-20 or DS-2019 with you , passport, I-94, and all other immigration documents.
    If you are a student sponsored by an embassy, agency, or company, bring the letter of sponsorship complete with billing address and contact person to the Coordinator of Sponsored students at ISS. This will ensure that you will not be billed personally for tuition and fees.
  • Step 3 : (For Graduate Student ONLY) Report to the Graduate College (202 Whitehurst) to discuss about registration holds preventing enrollment to include transcript and language proficiency-related holds.
  • Step 4 : Contact your academic department to set up an appointment, and then go to your department to meet with your academic advisor for enrollment advising. 
    Buiding Designations/Campus Map
  • Step 5 : Get a Student ID card at 421 Classroom Building (must have a copy of your current class schedule in order to obtain your Student ID).
  • Step 6 : Attend Mandatory International Student Orientation . Schedule of times and locations will be given to you at the time of registration for the orientation. It is also available here.
    • For Graduate Students ONLY 
      If you are a student that needs to take the TELP exam, you will need to register with University Assessment and Testing (UAT).  Students must register for the test prior to the testing day. Refer to Graduate college website for more information including registration and test dates:
  • Step 7 :  The USCIS requires all students to report any change of address within 10 days of change. Update your address in the Student Information System at Please remember that “local address” must be a U.S. address and cannot be a P.O. Box or the address for your academic department.

ISS Make-up Orientation

Make-up orientation sessions will be available for late-arriving new students during the first month of classes. You will need to sign up for a make-up orientation contract when you register in the ISS office. There is an additional charge for attending the ISS Make-up Orientation. Refer to make-up orientation contract for details. You can download the orientation PPT file from here


The Graduate College requires graduate students to take the Test of English Language Proficiency (TELP), before enrollment. The cost of registering is $40. Students can register for the TELP at the University Assessment & Testing center located at 107 UAT Building.

Please contact the Graduate College or the University Assessment and Testing Center for more TELP Test information.

International Student Placement Examination Process

New International Students may have to register for placement examinations (dependent upon their admission status). Instructions here will guide international students through the registration process.


Since proficiency in spoken English is fundamental to effective teaching, it is reasonable to expect that all persons responsible for instructional  activities have a command of the spoken language sufficient to use it fluently and accurately. English training programs in foreign  countries often concentrate on the written language rather than on the conversational idiom. Thus, previous study is not always a reliable indicator of effectiveness and comprehensibility in the use of spoken English.

It is the policy of Oklahoma State University that all persons employed as members of the faculty, as teaching assistants or teaching associates, or for any other assignments involving oral instruction be proficient in spoken English.

The ITA Test is given the week before the Fall and Spring semesters begin. Students who qualify for testing by their internet-based TOEFL or IELTS test scores can register for the test directly. Students who do not qualify by their test scores should contact their program office to determine whether they are eligible for testing. Please go to the following website for more information: https://gradcollege.okstate. edu/ita.  and check with your Department for further instructions.

The cost of the ITA is $50.  All people who register will have their Bursar account billed for this amount. ITA exams are grouped by graduate program and the scheduled time may vary depending upon the number of students registered from each graduate program. The final schedule is usually released the day of the exam. To register for the ITA Test, please email

visit ITA Registration for more information.



OSU Library Guide for International Students to learn about OSU library resources. 
Alternative mobile phone service provider: