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Oklahoma State University


OSU Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is MANDATORY for ALL international students (visa holders as well as J-Scholars) at Oklahoma State University and their dependents as U.S. medical care is extremely expensive. Medical insurance will be assigned upon arrival.  Fees for insurance will be applied to the 1st tuition billing statement you receive.

Visit United Health Care website to get more information on those policies.  

OSU Student Health Insurance Plan Rates for 2022-2023

OSU GRA GTA Position Student Health Insurance Plan Rates for 2022-2023


University insurance from Fall 2022 is semester based and duration of coverage from 08/01/2022 to 12/31/2022 at a rate of $999 per semester

For the following information, please visit insurance webpage on UHS website.

  • OSU Student Health Insurance Plan information
  • Graduate Assistant / Associate Health Insurance Coverage eligibility information.
  • Health plan coverage eligibility
  • Any student wanting to decline this Health Insurance Plan
  • Coverage requirements for international students
  • Frequently Ask Questions

Enrollment Form for Visiting Faculty/Scholars and Dependents


Instruction to download student's insurance card

Additional Types of Insurance Option

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International Travel Insurance

Dental Insurance Organizations

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