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Oklahoma State University
Student volunteer center


OSU Engage Request for Volunteers

OSU Engage is a new program that seeks to connect student-volunteers with members of the community that are in need of assistance. The goal is to help students develop interpersonal skills that will allow them to succeed after graduation while providing a valuable service to the city of Stillwater. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

PLEASE READ:  At this time, OSU Engage is not able to provide any tools that may be needed to complete requested service jobs. Community members are responsible for providing any and all tools that are needed to complete the requested service job. If this is not feasible, contact Joyce Montgomery with the Student Volunteer Center at 405-744-5145 to see if the appropriate tools can be located.

Note:  In an effort to protect the privacy of community members, the personal information provided on this Request for Volunteers will not be publicly posted. Only student-volunteers that have signed up to complete the job will receive the name, phone number, and address given on this form.

**Disclaimer:  Our office reserves the right to deny any requests that we feel are outside the realm of reason or that might pose a threat to the safety of our student-volunteers. OSU Engage makes no guarantees that we will be able to provide enough student-volunteers to complete your request. Student-volunteers reserve the right to refuse to complete any tasks that they feel are outside the realm of reason or that might pose a threat to their safety.**

If you have any questions regarding OSU Engage or this Request for Volunteers, please contact either Joyce Montgomery at 405-744-5145 or Anamul Hasan at 405-744-7673. Also, check out our FAQ page here.