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Getting involved in on-campus and off-campus community service projects is a tradition at Oklahoma State University. The Student Volunteer Center's goal is to introduce volunteerism as a way to bring together different groups of people. Since the Center's founding, thousands of civic-minded students, staff and faculty have acted to solve problems by offering their talents through active engagement with non-profit agencies, public schools, medical service organizations and numerous other community partners.

Why Get Involved?

We get it, you're busy. The time between classes, studying, and part-time jobs can be minimal at best. But at the Student Volunteer Center we encourage you to find something you are passionate about, get out there, and make a difference with whatever amount of time you have available! Here are couple of programs to get you started


CORD stands for Creating Opportunities for Responsible Development. The CORD is our opportunity to honor you for your commitment to service! The orange CORD worn at graduation signifies an OSU student's determination to make a difference.

Learn more about CORD




CentsAble Cowboys is a program in which mentors teach participants how to dream big and plan ahead with financial literacy. Mentees are youth who increase their financial knowledge by reading stories using financial terminology such as saving, needs and opportunity costs. Mentors interact with mentees with activities that serve as examples of successful short and long-term goals for learners. Contact Joyce Montgomer405-744-5145


MICAH Mentoring Program at Oklahoma State University began seven years ago formally in partnership with Ardmore's MICAH Foundation, Inc. and Brenda Merritt, its director. Designed to alleviate emotional poverty, this inter-generational program teaches students mentoring skills to interact with compassion and respect for the elderly.

Leran more about MICAH


In addition, there are numerous places to start your volunteer career at OSU, in Stillwater community as well as outside of Stillwater.