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Oklahoma State University
Student Government Association

Your School, Your Voice

In need of Legal Advice? OSU SGA provides free legal services...

Please email then type 'Attorney' in the subject line of the email and we will forward directly to the attorney. 


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OSU Student Government Association strives to serve the students of Oklahoma State University. It is our goal to make YOUR voice heard on this campus. SGA partners with faculty, staff, and the Board of Regents to insure that Oklahoma State University is in a process of constant improvement. Our goal is to provide funding and implement changes to better our campus, community, and most importantly the students’ way of life.

SGA allocates funds to clubs and organizations for events that can be enjoyed by the entire student body. We also design programs to better our campus, community, and most importantly students’ way of life. We encourage you to seek involvement in SGA through one of our numerous committees or representing a constituency in Senate.

Please feel free to stop by our office location in the Leadership & Campus Life Suite (211Q Student Union).