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Oklahoma State University
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Miss OSU


Miss Oklahoma State University 2022

Millie Bryant

Awarded the honor of being Miss OSU 2022 is Featured Twirler and Senior Strategic Communications major, Millie Bryant!

 Millie twirling with the Cowboy Marching Band

Pictured Above: Miss OSU 2022 Millie Bryant


Homecoming Parade 2022

Homecoming Parade 2022

Candidates Celebrating with Millie

Many congratulations to our newly crowned Miss OSU!


Top 5 Candidates for Miss OSU 2022

Top 5 Candidates for Miss OSU 2022 (from left to right: 2nd Runner Up - Katelyn Woods, 1st Runner Up - Natalie Yadon, Miss OSU 2022 - Millie Bryant, 3rd Runner Up - Tatum Shelton, 4th Runner Up - Seyton Thomas)