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Student Organization Cubicle Space Application

Information on Student Organization Cubicle Space Application

Please Note: The use of cubicle space is a privilege, not a right. Space is limited; therefore not all student organizations can receive a cubicle space. Those organizations that complete the application by the deadline and fully demonstrate how they will effectively utilize the cubicle will be given first priority. 

Every spring semester, space will be assigned for the upcoming academic year. Contracts are good for one academic year and must be renewed EACH year. Even if a group has used a cubicle during the previous year,  they are still required to complete the application each year.  Each registered or recognized student organization that has been active for one year and is in good behavioral and financial standing with the university is eligible to apply for a cubicle. Student organizations are encouraged to complete each section of the application as thoroughly as possible to help determine the specific needs of each applicant. The criteria are set out below:

  • Student Organization Participation/Involvement
  • Need for visibility
  • Use of  the space to conduct organizational business.  (CUBICLE SPACE IS NOT TO BE USED AS A STORAGE SPACE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. There is a separate application available for storage requests)

Each student organization will be notified by email of the allocation decision and those decisions will also be posted at the 211-A SU Campus Life Information Desk..  

Typical Timeline for Cubicle Space Allocations 

  • Early April   Applications are available online 
  • Early May    Applications must be submitted online 
  • Mid May   Allocation decisions will be posted on cubicles and emailed to applicants
  • Mid August   Cubicles are available for move-in

Cubicle Space Guidelines

Individual and organizational behavior is supervised by the Department of Leadership and Campus Life, utilizing the Cubicle Space Guidelines; university polices (refer to Student Rights & Responsibilities at Section XI), and generally accepted community standards of conduct. It is the responsibility of organizations to inform their membership of the rules of conduct in the cubicle space.  In order to maintain an attractive work/meeting area and businesslike atmosphere for all student organizations the following guidelines must be followed:

1)    Office Hours:

a)    Each student organization is expected to have members sign in for a minimum average of 8 hours per week. Organization members can sign-in on the laptop at the 211 SU information desk.  Encourage members to use the space and take pride in it. Those groups that are approved for a cubicle will receive specific procedures for logging hours.

b)    The organization’s contact information and their CampusLink account must be up to date and contact information must be typed and posted at the cubicle.  Campus Life will periodically check the cubicle area to verify usage of space. As requests for space exceed availability, failure to utilize allocated space appropriately is grounds for the loss of the space.

2)    Cubicle Decorations:Signage for the cubicle will be provided by the Department of Leadership and Campus Life and will be used for identification.  Please do not remove or cover this signage in the process of decorating your space as items that obscure signage may be removed by the Department of Campus Life.

3)    If you wish to attach items to the walls of your cubicle, please use only push pins or thumb tacks. Do not use any type of glue or other material that may damage the partition or cubicle as any repairs or replacement of equipment will be charged to your organization

4)    Respect:  Respect and communicate with other organizations with regard to any problems that may occur. Please be mindful that respect includes, but is not limited to, using language that is appropriate in a professional setting. Using profane, objectionable, and offensive language, disparaging remarks or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.

5)    Notifications: Up-to-date information regarding the cubicle will be sent to the student organization officers and advisor via email to the primary contact address provided on Campuslink.

6)    Personal Items: The organization is responsible for all items brought into the cubicles.  These should be marked accordingly.  The cubicle area is not immune to theft or vandalism.  The Department of Leadership and Campus Life is not responsible for any items stolen or lost from the cubicles.  In the event of theft or loss, please notify the Department of leadership and Campus Life at the 211-A SU Campus Life Information Desk and file a report with campus police.  Any purses, wallets, personal computers, televisions, videos, textbooks and other valuables are at risk if they are left unattended in the cubicle.

7)    Discipline for violations of these guidelines will be enforced by the Campus Life Advisory Council/Department of Campus Life.  Students (or Student Organizations) who are found in violation of a cubicle condition will be requested to meet with the Director of Leadership and Campus Life or a designated staff member from Campus Life.

8)    For students (or Student Organizations) who are found guilty of violating a cubicle condition, the following sanctions will be imposed:

9)    Discipline Policy:

a)    1st Violation – Warning via email or letter to President and Advisor

b.)  2nd Violation – Removal of Organization from cubicle with 1 (one) week of notice.


Application will open on 4-1-2020 HERE