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Oklahoma State University
Student Government Association

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SGA Elections

Student Government Association (SGA) Elections occur twice a year in acordance with our bylaws. Please review Title X link below for more details!

Title X

Interested students and senators must also submit Intent to Run applicatoins via CampusLink. 

Title X Section 5

5.2. FALL ELECTION-- The Fall elections shall be held on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of November.

5.2.1.  Senators representing academic units shall be elected during the fall election.

5.3. SPRING ELECTION-- The Spring election shall be held the second Tuesday and Wednesday of March.

5.3.1.  In the event that the second Tuesday and Wednesday of the month of March fall on spring break, the election will be held on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.

5.3.2.  Senators representing living groups shall be elected during the spring election.

5.3.3.  The President and Vice President shall be elected during the spring election.


Incoming 21-22 Student Body President and Vice President --

Jack A. Edwards and Alex Bias

As a partnership that is engrained in the campus community both inside and outside of the Student Government Association, the foundation of our candidacy is to create a strong union between all students. We hope to provide RESOURCES including working with University Counseling Services for better mental health care, promote INCLUSIVENESS by leading and mandating diversity training for our cabinet members,emphasize STABILITY by pushing for student fee transparancy and feedback systems, and foster ENGAGEMENT by regularly maintaining direct contact with students and student-led organizations. By focusing on these priorities and more, SGA and the OSU community will  RISE together under our administration.



Interested in serving on the 2021-2022 SGA Executive Cabinet? Applications open April 5th though April 11th at midnight! Interviews will begn as early as Tuesday, April 13th, times TBA. 

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Students may vote in fall 2021 Senatorial elections, more info to come!

Please contact Melisa Echols, Coordinator of SGA Programs, at with any questions.