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Oklahoma State University
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The Rowdy

The purpose of The Rowdy is to actively support various athletic programs and student athletes on the Oklahoma State Campus, and to serve as the student’s voice to the Athletic Department.  The Rowdy is a collective group of passionate Oklahoma State fans that strive to make Stillwater a friendly but intimidating environment for opposing teams!  Members of The Rowdy earn early entry into OSU football and some men’s basketball games and therefore the best seats in the house by camping outside of Boone Pickens Stadium the night before games.  We are transforming the campouts to make them more fun with games, movies, and most importantly, free food.

Join our organization on Campuslink to receive the most up to date information on events.  You must join the organization on CampusLink to be able to camp!


Campers watch a movie at a Rowdy campout.

Movie Time!

Campers pose for a picture at a Rowdy campout.

Football Campers

Camper Dylan Rowan gets donuts at a Rowdy campout.

Dylan's Donuts!

Campers play Uno at a Rowdy campout.


As we grow, we are always open to new ideas! Please submit your suggestions to