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Activity Fee Allocation Process (AFAP)


The purpose of the Group I Activity Fee Allocation Process (AFAP) is to allocate moneys to recognized student organizations, clubs, and associations. The overriding philosophy of the Group I Activity Fee Allocation Process shall be that academic, social, recreational, and professional involvement is necessary in the development of a well-rounded student. The student organizations at OSU are a diverse community with a wide range of interests. Therefore, this process emphasizes the empowerment of students at all levels in the allocation of student activity fees to ensure equality and fairness. The process outlined within the SGA By-laws is based on the philosophy that a specific college council intrinsically knows what is best for the student organizations related to that college. Furthermore, to provide for the highest degree of equality, this process allows for the allocation of moneys based on enrollment in colleges. However, this process also recognizes that certain organizations carry on programming above and beyond their resource allocation and allows for allocation to these groups based on merit and emergency need. AFAP Funding informational sessions will be announced during the fall semester.
All questions may be submitted to our AFAP Director or our SGA Coordinator, Melisa Echols 405-744-6500
The 23-24 AFAP application will reopen in October 2022! 
Forms needed to complete the AFAP application will be made available soon...