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Applicant Timeline

  • November 1st (midnight)- First round application and nomination deadline.
  • December 31st- First round selection notifications are made (selection, denial or movement to the next round for re-consideration).  
  • February 1st (midnight) - Second round application and nomination deadline.
  • March 31st- Second round selection notifications are made (selection or denial).

About the Application Process:  

The McKnight Scholar Leadership Program begins with the selection of a diverse community of out-of-state students with a passion for service and extraordinary potential for influence. The 2020-2021 McKnight Scholars Leadership Program cohort (Class X) has been filled. Applications for the 2021-2022 cohort will open on August 1.

Selection Criteria 

Typically, approximately 35 students are chosen each year based on the following requirements:
  • Out-of-State, Rural, First-Year Student 
  • Acceptance to Oklahoma State University
  • Proven Leadership Ability 
  • Committment to Service
Additional criteria that is considered but not required includes:
  • 27 ACT or 1220 SAT scores
  • 3.75 GPA
It is the expectation that McKnight Scholars become more aware of their passions and aptitudes, gain skills to foster collaboration in following those passions, understand how communities grow and improve, make an impact on their home community, and prepare for influence beyond graduation. The program seeks to compliment the scholars’ entire Oklahoma State University experience bringing a rich context and focus to their academic journey.