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Oklahoma State University
Center for Ethical leadership

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Leadership Opportunities

Presidents Leadership Council

After more than five decades Oklahoma State University's President's Leadership Council (PLC), a scholarship and leadership program for outstanding freshmen, continues to teach the importance of leadership and service throughout life. Freshmen chosen to be in PLC complete a year-long three credit hour class that consists of:

  • A pre-course retreat for team development
  • Leadership and ethics seminars throughout the academic year
  • 40 hours of volunteer service
  • Implementing a leadership conference for high school seniors
  • Completing a small group creative leadership component
Student's at retreat

Student Development and Leadership in Fraternities and Sororities

The purpose of this three credit hour course (EDUC 2000) is to understand and apply student development theory, in particular, involvement theory and leadership theory, to the study of students in fraternities and sororities. The course focuses on developing a conceptual framework concerning involvement, student development, and leadership development: developing critical skills necessary to be effective in interacting with individuals, groups, and the community, as well as, focusing on major challenges students are confronted with during their college experience.

McKnight Leader Scholars Program

This newly established yearlong three credit hour leadership course (UNIV 3110) and scholarship has been established to educate select out-of-state incoming freshman students to be intellectually and ethically prepared to serve and lead by creatively applying their learning for good in a complex global society. Click here for the McKnight Leader Scholars Program website.

Leadership Study Abroad

UNIV 3110 & EDUC 5910 three credit hours (I) International Perspectives on Ethics and Leadership is the Leadership Study Abroad course that provides an opportunity for students to learn and experience leadership in different cultural settings. The Center for Ethical Leadership in partnership with The College of Education's International Studies Program has developed this program to provide academic international experiences that enhance the students personal and professional leadership development. Trips vary each year with places such as New York City, Paris, Geneva, England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Germany, and Switzerland being visited and studied.

Leadership Minor Program

The Leadership Minor Program is a university-wide 18 credit hour academic and experiential opportunity for all students to develop and enhance their abilities to lead ethically. Each student must also complete at least 40 hours of documented service learning experiences or specific community service related to the student's educational career and social goals. Applicants must complete a written application and be interviewed prior to acceptance into the program. You can view the online brochure describing the details of the minor or you can pick up a printed copy in the Center for Ethical Leadership.