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Oklahoma State University
Center for Ethical leadership

My Leadership Portal

Leadership Opportunities and Experiences in Academics


We offer many opportunities to get involved in Leadership here at Oklahoma State University. The Leadership Pathways page will assist you in finding academic opportunities in your college, experiential opportunities through Campus Life and multimedia opportunities to gain knowledge and help sharpen your resolve as an emerging leader in society. 

Curricular Path:  

Our Curricular Path will help you find leadership opportunities related to your specific college curriculum. 

Co-Curricular Path: 

Oklahoma State seeks to provide ample opportunity to have learning experiences that go alongside your specific curriculum. The Co-Curricular Path will help you find other related leadership opportunities to broaden your view and knowledge of the world here and abroad. 

Multimedia Path: 

We in the Leadership office know there are many people outside of the University doing great work and pioneering leadership in their specific fields of study. We want to provide a space to display these pioneers and their ideas. There are TED talks and interviews in the Multimedia Path that will help you discover and experience new ideas in the world .