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PLC Facilitators 2018-2019


 Alli giving a big smile



Alli Baden - Group 10

From: Pittsburg, Kansas

My name is Alli and I am a proud PLC facilitator! I am studying Secondary Education and minoring in History. I chose Oklahoma State because my grandpa went to school here in the 1950s and I thought it would be fun to share an Alma Mater with him. A fun fact about me is I have had two epidurals, the pain-killing medicine they give to pregnant women in labor, yet I have never been pregnant!

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Lindsay Brantley - Group 12

From: Oklahoma City, OK

My name is Lindsay and I am studying Strategic Communications at OSU. When looking for a University I wanted a place I feel at home. I also wanted a place I could feel confident being my own person. Oklahoma State has felt like home since day one, and the people here are the most supportive and loving people I know. I am so confident in who I am becoming through the PLC program and am so excited to give back through facilitating the PLC freshman experience. Freshman year is such an impactful year, especially for those who want to be leaders, and my goal is to help make that year the best it can be. Something fun about me is that I have traveled to 14 different countries!

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Trini Bui - Group 3

From: Stillwater, OK 

My name is Trini and I am so happy to be a PLC facilitator! I am studying Accounting and M.I.S. As a person who grew up in Stillwater, OK I did intend to stay here for my college experience. However, what helped me choose Oklahoma State for my college experience was the people, the friendly atmosphere, and the sense of belonging advisors and staff fostered. There are so many opportunities to pursue here and even more people willing to help you achieve your goals. There are many other colleges where my major is offered, but none where the people treat you like family. The PLC experience is one that helped me find my place at OSU. The facilitators encouraged me to find organizations I enjoyed and pursue leadership passions. I hope to offer the same encouragement and support that was given to me as a facilitator. I'll bet you wouldn't guess that I've never ever eaten a PB&J and that I don't know how to swim. It's true!

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Jacob Burch-Konda - Group 3

From: Kingsburg, CA 

My name is Jacob and I am an Animal Science (Pre-Vet) major. Being from California, I applied to many schools out of state. The spring break of my senior year I was invited by a family of OSU alumni to road trip to Stillwater and visit the school. Their school spirit and friendliness, along with professors and students on campus, moved me and I knew on the drive home that Oklahoma State would be home for me. Having been through PLC as a student, I knew I wanted to facilitate the freshman experience! I came to OSU with some friends, but I was able to meet so many other student leaders through PLC. I hope to help this class discover leadership abilities and connect with other students on campus. A fun fact about me is I am a Turkish speaker! I lived in Turkey for a year after high school and just returned from a summer in Baku, Azerbaijan working on my language skills.

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Sydney Creager - Group 5

From: Crowder, OK

My name is Sydney and I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. After attending an OSU football game in high school, I felt overwhelmed (with joy) by the sea of orange and school spirit. I had never experienced such community and camaraderie between strangers. Because of this experience, I decided I wanted to be a part of the Oklahoma State family! As part of joining that family I went through PLC. I was encouraged to find organizations I enjoyed and could develop leadership skills in. I met people I still talk with regularly, and I was able to develop and pursue new found passions. Without my facilitators to guide my experience, I wouldn't have done as many things. My hope as a facilitator is to offer the same steady basis of encouragement and love to the freshman that I received in my experience. Also, I am an instructor for a group fitness class on campus called Dance Party!

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Brent Cunningham - Group 10

From: Bartlesville, OK

My name is Brent and I am graciously serving as a PLC facilitator! I am currently studying Accounting at OSU. Both my mother and grandmother attended Oklahoma State so when it came time for me to choose a University, I wanted to continue the family legacy. Building the Cowboy family is important to me with my own family and with friends here on campus. As part of building that larger family I chose to be a PLC facilitator. I wanted to facilitate this particular experience because it allows me to motivate freshman to find their passions and leadership styles just as I have found mine. A fun fact about me is I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.




Kayla Dunn - Group 8

From: Stillwater, OK

My name is Kayla and I am Multimedia Journalism and Spanish major. I chose to attend OSU because of the state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professors within my major, on top of the fact that the Cowboy Family is so genuine and loving. Freshman year of college is this wildly exciting new chapter of people's live. It can also be overwhelming and a difficult adjustment. I wanted to love and lead my peers through that time because I was blessed to have the same done for me. Something fun about me? I have moved 10 times!

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Matt Ferrell - Group 1

From: McAlester, OK

My name is Matthew and I am a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. I decided to attend OSU because of the long tradition my family and I have with the University. We would visit often for different sporting events and through the school spirit my love for the university grew! Facilitating has been a rewarding experience as I get to be there for people in one of their first big transitions into adulthood. A fun fact about me is I love fire and may be a pyromaniac.

jt goofy

James Tiberius (JT) Gragg - Group 8

From: Stillwater, OK

My name is JT and I am a proud PLC facilitator! I am studying Natural Resource Ecology and Management with an option in Forestry Ecology and Management and a minor in Wildlife Ecology and Management. I chose OSU for two reasons. Paying for school is always a challenge so when OSU offered scholarships I was quick to accept. The second reason is OSU's natural resources program is top notch and this experience has allowed me to boost my potential for job opportunities. It is important to channel all the energy and enthusiasm of this group of outstanding freshman into useful avenues. I benefited greatly from my time in PLC, not only in personal experience, but in professional experiences, like developing and refining leadership skills. Something unique about me is that I can wiggle my left ear, but not my right.

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Drew Grunewald - Group 8

From: Woodward, OK

My name is Drew and I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders major. For as long as I can remember I have been coming to Stillwater for games and other events at OSU. My family has had a tradition of attending OSU and fostering school spirit and loyalty. I get to carry on that tradition in my attending college here. Oklahoma State was the only school I applied to and the only school I pictured myself at. Stillwater has given me more than I could have ever dreamed of! Freshmen year can be such a roller coaster and I really want to be a steady source of encouragement and advice for my kids. I had an amazing time during my freshmen year and it is partially thanks to my amazing PLC facilitators. I want to do my best to give everyone the same opportunity that I had. My fun fact is that I've swum with sharks!

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Hallie Hart - Group 7

From: Chandler, OK

My name is Hallie and I am Sports Media major. I chose OSU because my parents and several other family members are OSU alumni. As a kid, I was accustomed to visiting the beautiful campus and friendly atmosphere. I am now an aspiring sports journalist and OSU's sports media program is one of the best, making my college choice an easy one. Fun fact about me: When I was 2 years old, I memorized all of the Major League Baseball players' names in a deck of All-Century Team cards. (My family has video proof.) I am passionate about the freshman experience at OSU; about meeting new people and encouraging others. I felt the best way to could live out my passion on campus was to become a PLC facilitator. I have made so many memories as a freshman in PLC, and I want to help other students have that same kind of experience.

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Kelsey Lauerman - Group 10

From: Cushing, OK

My name is Kelsey and I am a Human Development and Family Sciences major. I chose OSU because my parents and siblings went here. Because of the family connections and frequent visits to the university throughout childhood, OSU felt like home and a good fit for my college experience. PLC has allowed me to break out of my shell and do things I never thought I would be able to do. I became passionate about PLC and the freshman experience and am so excited that I am able to share my passion as a facilitator. A fun fact about me is I own over 50 scrunchies!!

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Avery Ogle - Group 1

From: Oklahoma City, OK

My name is Avery and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I chose Oklahoma State to be the location for my college years because of its rich tradition, friendly atmosphere and what it has meant to my family. I want to encourage and advise our freshman leaders to get involved in our campus in what they are passionate about and show them how to make a difference! I believe I can accomplish this through the amazing opportunity that is being a PLC facilitator. Something fun about my family: My siblings and I are all named after current or former Oklahoma towns. Go pokes!

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MacGregor Price - Group 5

From: Stillwater, OK

My name is MacGregor and I am excited about being a PLC facilitator! I'm majoring in finance here at OSU. I chose OSU because I believe it is one of the friendliest campuses in the country and I feel that every faculty member genuinely wants their students to be successful in their endeavors. I want to help facilitate the PLC Freshman experience because I believe that your Freshman year of college is one of the most important experiences in your life. You are on your own for the first time, and you are trying to find out what you want to do with your life. It is an amazing year, but it comes with a lot of stress and confusion, and I would love to help the future leaders of OSU find their niche. I'm sure you'd never guess that I have a small piece of my brain missing, AND that I can do the splits.




Zac Quinby - Group 6

From: Woodward, OK

Hi! I'm Zac, and I'm studying architecture. I'm so honored to be a PLC facilitator. I chose OSU because from the moment I walked on this campus it truly felt like home. Coming from a smaller town I wasn’t for sure how it would feel walking onto a campus of 25,000+ students, but after taking one simple tour I knew my place was here. Facilitating incoming Freshmen has been something I have wanted to be a part of since the PLC retreat. To see how facilitators interact with younger students is simply amazing. I just want the opportunity to give back to students in a servant manner with a true friendship and mentor mindset along the way, and to be a guide along the way of their college journey. Something crazy about me is that I've had brain surgery!

 keely senior pic


Keely Ratcliff - Group 2

From: Amber, OK

My name is Keely and I am studying Nutritional Sciences with an option in Allied Health. I chose OSU because the university already had my heart at a young age, as I grew up parading around in orange cheerleading suits as my family took me to many basketball games and Homecomings. It is the school I grew up loving and the college I always dreamed about attending; I could not wait to become a fourth-generation Cowboy! Why did I want to be a facilitator? Freshman year is fun, exciting, and life changing, and it is also scary, hard, and lonely. I want to encourage freshmen and learn from them as I celebrate the good times in their lives with them, while also help comfort them in the rough times. I want to advance leadership at Oklahoma State by investing in them and their dreams to help people and better this world. My fun fact is more of a story: I love sports. In fact, I cared so much about OSU and college basketball when I was about eight years old, that I wrote OSU Head Men's Basketball coach, Eddie Sutton, an almost two-page letter talking about the players on the team, his coaching, and basketball in general. A few months later he called my dad's work, which led to me getting to meet him before a basketball game!





Colby Reed - Group 11

From: Tahlequah, OK

I'm Colby, proud facilitator of group 11, and I'm double majoring in Physiology and French. OSU has always been home to amazing memories to me. The first time I stepped on campus I felt so welcome and knew this is where I needed to be. I wanted to become a facilitator because getting to interact with Freshman is one of the most rewarding experiences here at OSU. Walking along side someone through arguably one of the most exciting and challenging times in their life is almost as incredible as getting to do it again. My fun fact? I've never seen Forest Gump (is that fun or just sad, I’m not sure.)

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Alma Rios - Group 6

From: Buffalo, OK

I'm Alma, happy to be a facilitator of group 6, and I'm studying Biochemistry! I was born in Mexico and moved to America when I was about 2 years old. I became a naturalized American citizen along with 97 other people from 32 different countries during my freshman year at OSU! It was a day that I will never forget. Why choose OSU? Coming from a small town, I have always valued the sense of community. When considering various colleges, I wanted to find a place big enough that it would provide an abundance of opportunities yet small enough that I would be able to recognize multiple people while on campus. It seemed impossible, until I visited OSU. The genuine and intentional atmosphere from both students and faculty coupled with the beautiful campus was certainly top notch. Ultimately, OSU has prepared me for my future and given me the best support system along the way. Undoubtedly, the transition into college is a difficult one. However, when surrounded with a group of empathetic, ambitious, and and encouraging leaders, that transition becomes a little smoother. As a PLC member, I fell in love with the study of leadership and looked forward to seeing my PLC small group every week. As a PLC facilitator, I strive to become the kind of mentor, friend, and support system that assisted me during my freshman year.



Caleb Smith - Group 4

From: Cashion, OK

My name is Caleb and I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I grew up a pokes fan and loved campus every time that I set foot on it. OSU has a great variety of majors that its students excel in. As an engineering major, I know am in good hands through my degree process. I want to work with driven freshman that want to make a difference with like-minded people. I have the know-how to connect freshman with the right people for whatever they want to do. I want to make the college transition simple and exciting for my students. My fun fact is that my first week on campus, I wanted to meet everyone on campus and remember their name... (this is ridiculously impossible.)


 Kelly from Kelly


Kelly Steichen - Group 11

From: Tulsa, OK

My name is Kelly and I'm studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. Towards the end of my senior year when I was trying to decide schools, I found myself genuinely getting excited every time I talked about OSU. I felt at home because of the community, I loved the school spirit, and I was thrilled to see what opportunities were ahead of me! PLC was one of my favorite parts of freshman year because my PLC family connected so well as a group. I believe this is because my PLC parents cared so much about each one of us, and I wanted to do the same for the incoming freshman class! I would love to help the new PLCers transition into college and grow as leaders! I once got out of my car when in stopped traffic on the highway in attempts to replicate the musical number "Another Day of Sun" in the movie La La Land!



 gray with a hat


Gray Strickland - Group 9

From: Tulsa, OK

I'm Gray Strickland and I couldn't be more excited to be a PLC facilitator. Here at OSU I'm studying Accounting. OSU is a place I have called home from a very young age. I am a third generation Cowboy, my parents grew up in Stillwater, my grandfather was a professor and I couldn’t be more proud. When it came time for me to make my college decision, I wanted a place where I could feel accepted and encouraged, both as a student and as a person, to reach my full potential. That is what I found at OSU and is ultimately what brought me to Stillwater. The first year of college, though incredible and eye opening, can also be daunting and, at times, overwhelming. I wanted to serve as a PLC facilitator to give some of OSU’s brightest incoming freshmen a resource and friend to help guide them through this experience. My goal is that all students in my PLC family will know that they are extremely valued and believed in from the first step they take on campus this fall until the last they take in 4 years. A fun fact about me is that I rocked the bowl cut hairstyle until 6th grade. However, if you ask my friends, it lasted until at least 8th grade.




 Jacob's only picture ever







Jacob Thorley - Group 7

From: Ada, OK

I'm Jacob and here at OSU I'm studying Management and Marketing. I think there is truly no other place like Oklahoma State. Being the youngest of three, I was so blessed to be able to grow up around the cowboy family, as my sister and brother in law went to school here. It may sound cliché but the cowboy family is truly what brought me to Oklahoma state. The instant I stood on campus I knew I wanted to spend my time here because of the generosity and love of those around me; this is what makes Oklahoma state so special. After spending a year at OSU, I honestly can’t express how much of a blessing it has been, and can’t wait for what God has planed in the next few years. I believe it’s so important to have people in your life that pour back into you. College is one of the biggest steps you take into the real world and freshman year can be very scary, but also have some of the best times of your life. It’s because of the amazing people who have poured into my life that I had such an unforgettable freshman year, and I want to help be that person to others. Interesting fact about me, I've played acoustic guitar for over 8 years.

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Ben Watson - Group 12

From: Oklahoma City, OK

My name is Ben and I'm majoring in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Psychology. I chose OSU because I immediately knew the community here was going to challenge me, encourage me, and support me. From the first moment I stepped onto this campus, I knew it was different. My freshman year, I came to Oklahoma State looking for community and President's Leadership Council provided just that. I want to provide a similar since of belonging and unity to each and every individual in the program. Regardless of any one's background, race, sexual orientation, or any other factor under the sun, I want every future PLC member to know that they have a safe place in this organization where they will be stretched, molded, and loved. My fun fact is that I still sleep with my blankie :)

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Jeana Wilson - Group 4

From: Stroud, OK

Hi! I'm Jeana and I'm majoring in Management. A big reason I chose OSU was due to the legacy of my family, I'm lucky enough to be a 3rd generation cowboy! It started with my grandma who attended OSU when it was still Oklahoma A&M and then both of my parents and two older brothers attended Oklahoma State as well. My parents even met here and got married at Theta Pond, so when it came to making a choice for college, there was no real debate for me! Being a facilitator has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. I love having the opportunity to be one of the first faces students see when they get to retreat before school starts and I love being a part of each students' first year at OSU. It's an amazing thing to see the change and growth in individual students as well as our small groups throughout the year. Guess what? I'm ambidextrous. So I can do anything with both hands.