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Saudi Students Association

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They promote awareness the Saudi Arabian culture and have been active in many events at Oklahoma State University. They participated in International Olympics,
International Expo, International Bazaar, Cultural Night, and Saudi Night.

Visit the Saudi Student Association Facebook page : Saudi Student Association Facebook

                   Saudi Student Association Twitter page : Saudi Student Association Twitter                                                                      

Saudi Night at Oklahoma State University

The Saudi Student Association is a part of the International Student Organization(iSo) an international student body which represents over 2000 International students and scholars from over 108 countries all around the world which are represented at Oklahoma State University. Visit ISO webpage here  : International Student Organization

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) 

They help students better understand Islam by promoting mutual cooperation between Muslim students and students of all other faiths.
The MSA takes an active role through  all possible means in helping the Oklahoma State University society. 

Islamic Society of Stillwater (Msjid)

The Islamic center is a rapidly growing community of students attending Oklahoma State University (OSU), as well as Oklahoma resident
families of American Muslims. The Masjid includes a women's section and a weekend Arabic school for kids. 

Link: Islamic Society of Stillwater