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Oklahoma State University



      Click Here to sign in Sprintax.

  • During the tax workshops, you will be provided information to help you prepare your Federal Tax Return. This service is free through Glacier Tax Prep.
  • You will need to file an Oklahoma Tax Return. Due to the tax law changes we are recommending the use of Sprintax to prepare your Oklahoma tax return.
  • The Oklahoma tax return is not yet available through Sprintax but should be soon. We will notify you when it is available.
  • The Oklahoma tax return (511NR) does not correctly prepare a return for nonresident aliens. If you use the Oklahoma Tax Commission website’s fillable form you will not be filing correctly and this will be considered tax fraud. Do not jeopardize your status!

      Additional information is available in this link: Here

      Sprintax Instructions for OSU students - 2021 Tax season

      W-2 Instruction

      Glacier Instruction

  • If you had a taxable scholarship or received tax treaty benefits, you will receive a Form 1042-S. You must use Form 1042-S when you prepare your U.S. federal income tax return and you are required to attach Copy C of Form 1042-S to your federal tax return. 

    If you have been issued a Form 1042-S, you should have received an email from Glacier to let you know it is available.  If you are unsure, please login to your Glacier account to check. 

    Click on the following web link: https://nam04.safelinks. net&data=02%7C01%7Ctrisha. 7Cbb7ac95590424478692208d7b0aa 9eb6% 7C2a69c91de8494e34a230cdf8b27e 1964%7C0%7C0% 7C637172119160330705& sdata=XrcSpZVoHL7CDYeZ8tlSQ7B% 2FGsg6upvqKSQxhC%2FlowE%3D& amp;reserved=0

    Click on the GLACIER logo to enter the website.

    At the login screen, enter the UserID and Password you selected at the time you first accessed GLACIER.

    If you cannot remember your access information, please click on the "Forgot Login" link on the Login screen to request that your access information be sent to the email address contained in your Individual Record. Once you have successfully logged in, you may reset your GLACIER login information at any time.

    If you have a Form 1042-S you will see the menu option “I would like to view/print my Form 1042-S.” You must print out this form and you will use this when you prepare your tax return through Sprintax. If you do not see this option, you do not have a Form 1042-S.  For questions related to this form, contact Trisha Iyonsi at

    You will only access Glacier to print your Form 1042-S.  

       You will then proceed to Sprintax to prepare your federal and state tax returns.