WEATHER UPDATE - The OSU Stillwater campus will be open as scheduled today, February 20.

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Oklahoma State University

Malaysia Programs

Why OSU..!!

17 Reasons Why Cowboys Were Meant to Change the World!

The 24 best Hospitality Programs

Memorandum of Understanding(MoU)

Agreement between OSU and Universiti Pertanian Malaysia,Serdang

Agreement between OSU and Taylor's College(Advanced Education),Kuala Lumpur

Agreement between OSU and Inti College,Subang Jaya Malaysia

President's trip to Malaysia

OSU President Hargis Trip to Malaysia

Photo Gallery - President's Trip

News: Oklahoma State University Berminat Hantar Pelajar Ke M'sia

News: Oklahoma State University Keen To Send Students To Malaysia

Glance at OSU


The Path to OSU

Mr & Ms International 2014

Malaysian Student Society (MSS)

Malaysian Statistics at OSU 1995-2014

Malaysian Student Society Student President List 1981-2014

Malaysian Student Society Performing at ISO Cultural Night 2014


Malaysian Night 2014


Malaysian students with President and Mrs. Hargis. (Spring, 2015)

OSU Malaysian 24 Seasons Drum Troupe

Malaysian 24 Seasons Drum Troupe Performing at OKC Thunder Half Time Show 2014

Video: OSU M24D 2014 Half Time NBA Performance for OKC Thunder

Malaysian 24 Seasons Drum Troupe Performance in Malaysia (2014).



Video: Malaysian Drummers at TEDx @OSU 2013

Ben Loh/Alumni--Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)


MAE Research areas, facilities, and resources at OSU

ATLAS UAV developed at OSU flown in U.S. Senate

Unmanned Flying and Rolling Orb (UFRO)-- A versatile vehicle that combines both flight and ground mobility. 

Dr. Jacob and Ben Loh


Ben Loh with President and Mrs. Hargis

UFRO videos: Video 1   Video 2   Video 3