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Oklahoma State University

Leadership and Professional Development Program - International Students & Scholars


Leadership and Professional Developments sessions are geared toward Gulf State’s students and designed to promote personal and leadership skills to help students succeed at OSU and in their future. It is an opportunity to grow and develop skills, awareness, knowledge, and effectiveness when experiencing change.

This program is sponsored by the Office of International Students and scholars  and they are free and open to the public, but RSVP is required. The sessions are conducted once a week for a duration of one hour and a certificate of completion will be provided to those who fulfill the sessions’ requirements.

SPRING  2016

Leadership and Professional Development Sessions

The Sessions for Spring 2016 provide more opportunities for students to expand their knowledge, develop skills to communicate effectively, enhance the development of skills necessary for academic success, and explore methods of successful goal setting for personal and professional goals.

  Leadership and Professional Development Session Flyer

Session 1: Academic Goal Setting

Speaker: Marlin Blankenship

Link to the Materials: Academic Goal Setting

Academic Goal Setting Supplemental Instruction 

Session 2: Effective Global Communication

Speaker: Stephen Haseley

Link to the Materials: Effective Global Communication

Session 3: Defining your Leadership Style

Dr. John Mark Day

Link to the Materials: True Colors

True Colors Personality Quiz 

Session 4: College to Career Transition

Speaker: Tim Huff
Link to the Materials : College to Career Transition

FALL 2015

Leadership and Professional Development Session Brochure - Fall 2015

Session 1: Academic Integrity

Speaker: Candance Thrasher

Link to her PowerPoint Academic Integrity

Speaker: Susannah Clark

Link to her PowerPoint Citation 

Session 2: Leadership for Everyone

Speaker: Stephen Haseley

Speaker: Dr. John Mark Day

Leadership Orientations 

Session 3: Career Skills & Resume Building

Speaker: Breanna Gallagher

Link to her PowerPoint : Resume Building 

Session 4: Becoming an Ambassador

Speaker: Omar Khalil

Link to his PowerPoint : Becoming an Ambassador