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Oklahoma State University

Invitation Letter Request

Please be advised:

I.S.S has revised the process of assisting you with the best possible method of obtaining tourist visa for your friends or family members who wish to attend your commencement. Invitation Letters are no longer consistently recognized by U.S immigration issuance officers in other countries. What is recommended is an official university verification. That verification will be an official response from our Registrar Office after you submit your request for graduation.


I. If you have not already submitted your request for graduation please access the appropriate link below to understand and begin your verification process.

Please visit and follow the instructions. 

Once your application is submitted and approved you will get an email confirmation from the Registrar Office. You may also access the "View Application to Graduate" on self service under Student->Student Profile->View Application to Graduate. This will provide you with an official digital response from Registrar Office. 

We have placed a sample of "View Application to graduate" (official response from Registrar Office) page here

II.If you wish to send your own personalized self invitation letter (from you) which could include  a list of family/ family invitees we have provided templates with recommended instructions and sample letter below. You may chose to draft a letter individually and download on your own. I.S.S will not be downloading, verifying or stamping such letters in the future because they are no longer consistently recognized by the U.S. immigration officers in other countries.

General Unofficial Personalized Self Invitation Letter

a) Recommended Instructions

b) Sample Letter