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Oklahoma State University

Chinese Students Leadership Development Program

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What is it?

Chinese students Leadership program is a series of lectures and activities to facilitate your understanding and improving your individual leadership style. The program will help you recognize your capacity to lead in all areas of your life.


What could I learn from it?

  •  Understand, identify and analyze the strengths and limitations of your leadership style.
  •  Strengthen your public-speaking skills.
  •  Refine your listening and problem-solving skills.
  •  Expand your ability to work in diverse groups.
  •  Explore the leadership challenges associated with complex social issues.
  •  Understand how to work with others and make a difference in the community.

  • Understand and appreciate cultural difference.


Students will be required to complete all the workshops and activities to receive the certificate of leadership development. It will be a great credential to list on your resume!


The Program includes:

  • Half-day workshop- Sep 29th (Saturday) 10 am—2 pm, EN 450 (Lunch provided)

The workshop on leadership development will allow you to understand and enhance your leadership skills needed for both personal and professional growth. Learn more about your leadership style and how to effectively maximize your strengths.

Leadership workshop
  • Volunteer activities (select one activity to attend on the application form)
Volunteering Activity

Volunteer activities provide an opportunity to work with others and serve the community to make a difference. Students need to choose from one of the three volunteer opportunities listed

  • Cultural enrichment activity: attend a Thunder game!

Students will attend half-day cultural activities, including the tours of Oklahoma City and watch a Thunder game.

Oct 25th OKC Thunder vs Boston Celtics 4:30 pm Departure from Stillwater

  • Cultural Presentation to the President Leadership Council (PLC) students

Students are required to conduct a cultural presentation (15-20 minutes) as part of the team (3-4 students as a team) to the small groups of President Leadership Council (PLC). Students will be divided into groups on Sept 29th during the leadership workshop.

Time: Oct 17 (Wed) 7:00 pm

Location: TBA


  • Full-time student at OSU
  • Have a good academic standing 
Cultural enrichment activity