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Oklahoma State University

China Scholarship Council

Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarships- PhD Program

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a national prestigious scholarship program (supported by the Ministry of Education) for Chinese graduates to pursue PhD degree or conduct research as visiting students or scholars at top level institutions throughout the world.  Since 2007, OSU has received over 75 CSC doctoral students and visiting scholars. However, CSC requires that CSC recipient do not pay any tuition charge. In order for OSU to meet this requirement, we have created the following GA options below:

1.1  Half time (.50 FTE) Graduate Research Assistant-

OSU Contribution: 

Full waiver of non-resident & resident tuition (does not include pre-requisite or leveling courses) / does include university health insurance /.50 (FTE) GRA salary to be determined by respective employing department

CSC Contribution:

CSC provides a monthly living allowance of $1600 per month plus round trip international airfare

Applicant Responsibility: 

CSC-.50 GRA’s will be responsible for “required fees” of approximately $140 per credit hour

Financial Guarantee need: 

None…the .50 GRA plus the CSC support, meet, or exceed applicant’s financial guarantee of $28,682

1.2  Quarter time (.25 FTE) Graduate Research Assistant-

OSU Contribution: 

There is no tuition waiver available for ¼ time GRA’s / university health insurance is included / GRA (.25 FTE) salary to be determined by respective department.

ISS Contribution:

As a government sponsored student—each CSC student will qualify for the ISS-Graduate College waiver of non-resident tuition.       

CSC Contribution:   

CSC provides a monthly living allowance of $1600 per month plus round trip international airfare/CSC applicants sponsored by M.O.E.  

Applicant Responsibility:

CSC .25 FTE GRA’s will be responsible for semester “required fees” of approximately $140 per credit hour @ 9 hours = $1260 / plus “resident tuition” @ 9 hours = $1665 / “sponsored student fee” =$350

Financial Guarantee need:

CSC .25 FTE GRA’s stipend plus ISS-SPA waiver combine to meet the $28,682 financial guarantee from which applicant will need $3275 per semester or $6550 per year (salary) to cover unpaid tuition & fees

Step Procedure Deadline
1 Visit OSU website about different programs and find a potential research advisors in the program you plan to apply to Not applicable
2 Contact the Graduate school and submit application, Specify in your application that you apply for the CSC Ph.D. Scholarship. Not applicable
3 Recommend Admission to the Graduate College
Department will recommend the admission to the Graduate College, along with the assistantship letter. Student will need the admission letter from the Graduate College
March 1—March 19, 2014
4 Acceptance Letter
You will receive the signed acceptance letter from OSU Graduate College
March 20, 2014
5 Apply for the CSC scholarship
Please see the CSC website for the additional documents needed for the scholarship application.
Apply for the CSC scholarship
Between March 20, and April 5, 2014
6 Decision
The decision on the scholarship application will be communicated by CSC directly to the student. Students need to provide CSC letter to OSU Graduate College in order to issue I-20.
End of May 2014

CSC also supports visiting doctoral students to who are currently enrolled in a PhD program in China and visit overseas institutions for research purposes. The CSC scholarship provides $1600-$1800 per month stipend and travel expenses. OSU does not provide any additional funding. Students are expected to conduct research only. Faculty will need to provide mentorship. Visiting students will not need to apply for admission. 

Suggested Sample Acceptance Letter