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Oklahoma State University

China-OSU Student Programs


2+2 Programs

As a university dedicated to international education programs, we are so proud to present our 2+2 Programs (also known as dual-degree programs). Students will be able to experience both Chinese and American college education through their years of undergraduate study. When they finish the study, they will also obtain diplomas and graduation certifications from both the Chinese university and OSU!

Short Term Visiting Program

These integrated programs fill the short term visit to OSU with various aspects. Chinese students will audit classes according to their fields of study. Also, they will be truly exposed to American college life and society by meeting American friends, watching live college football/ NBA games, camping at OSU's Camp Redlands, and going on meaningful tours.

OSU Students to China

OSU understands the importance of study abroad experience and the global vision to college students. That is why we established summer exchange programs for both Chinese students and American students to not only witness the beauty of each other's home country, but also enhance the understanding of each other's culture and society.