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Oklahoma State University
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs


Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

Fall 2022 Continuous Open Bidding will open after the conclusion of Formal Fall Recruitment.



 Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an informal type of recruitment for women interested in joining the OSU fraternity and sorority community. It begins after the completion of Fall Recruitment in August and concludes at the start of pre-finals week in the Fall Semester. It resumes again at the start of the Spring Semester and concludes during pre-finals week.  There is no guarantee COB will occur at any time. Many women find the informal, relaxed atmosphere of COB as a less stressful and more enjoyable way to find a home in the fraternity and sorority community at OSU.


The participating organizations will hold events and activities to meet interested women and women that they are also interested in.


Any woman who wishes to participate in COB should complete the online registration process which will be available in August for the fall semester and January for the spring semester. Registering for COB with the Panhellenic Council ensures a chapter will have a potential new member's (PNM) contact information and verified academic record. It does not guarantee a chapter will contact the PNM or that a PNM will receive an invitation of membership.

The participating Panhellenic organizations will have access to the information submitted online and will contact interested women throughout the school term. Eligible chapters may extend bids to PNMs at any time in the Fall Semester and after  the Spring Semester begins. Please be aware that not all Panhellenic organizations participate in COB, and the number of groups that participate varies from year to year.



For any questions or concerns regarding Continuous Open Bidding, contact the Panhellenic Recruitment Officers at or (405) 744-6583.