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Oklahoma State University
Camp cowboy


What is Camp Cowboy?

Camp Cowboy is an exciting three-day program that gives students a glimpse at life as a Cowboy at Oklahoma State University before the Fall semester begins! While attending Camp Cowboy, students will engage in team building activities with fellow incoming students, learn campus resources from upperclassmen counselors, and learn the history and traditions of being an Oklahoma State Cowboy. Camps are offered all throughout June, July, and August and spots are limited, so sign up TODAY!


Stillwater Camp:

Stillwater Camp is our campus program that includes a new high-ropes course, allows you to get familiar with campus, meet OSU athletes and administrators, participate in a service project and get connected to the community. It is designed to give you the best experience on campus, and allows you to see what Stillwater has to offer.

Quest Camp:

Quest Camp is our outdoor program that adds to the Camp Cowboy experience! It is a collaborative effort with OSU’s Outdoor Adventures program, and delivers the Camp Cowboy experience to incoming first-year students in the great outdoors. On this trip, students will journey to Arkansas’ Mulberry River and experience an excursion that features water rafting, rock climbing and activities designed to promote personal challenge and learn about OSU.


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Why attend Camp Cowboy?

Students who attend Camp Cowboy are more likely to be involved and stay engaged in various on campus activities throughout their time at OSU. 

  • Co-curricular resources that keep them informed of leadership opportunites around campus
  • Outstanding student counselors who provide peer-to-peer guidance on how to excel as a Cowboy and help them find connection points
  • Build a sense of community with fellow Cowboys entering their first semeter of college
  • Start Fall semester with knowledge of campus wide traditions including football culture, the Cowboy Code, and Stillwater activities

Student Testimonial

"Getting to know everyone was so fun. It was really eye-opening to meet so many people with similar interests, humor, or backgrounds as me and to make friends."

Student Attendee