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Art in the Union

The OSU Student Union Art Collection

The Oklahoma State University Student Union is home to a diverse and historic collection of art. Displaying artwork and curating exhibits is one way the Student Union fulfills its mission to enrich the intellectual, cultural and social well-being of the OSU student and campus community.

Some of the highlights from the collection include:

·       Paintings from former OSU art faculty members including Ella Jack, B.J. Smith, Dale McKinney and J. Jay McVicker.

·       A landscape painting by Doel Reed, OSU faculty member for 35 years and an internationally recognized artist.

·       A sketch of Dick Tracy dedicated to the Student Union and signed by the cartoonist, Chester Gould, an OSU alumnus.

·       Ten Asian artworks, one of which is an embroidered landscape dedicated to the Student Union and donated by the Chinese Student Association.

·       Winning artworks from the annual Student Union Juried Exhibition.

·       Approximately 20 Native American pieces that include works by artists Woody Big Bow, A. Whiteman, Bunky Echo-Hawk and Chris Tiger.

The Sequoyah Room is home to a significant collection of original paintings by Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Big Bow. Born in Carnegie, Oklahoma in 1914, Big Bow was a grandson of a Kiowa chief. Big Bow led a prolific career, designing sets for western films, producing murals nationwide, and eventually creating the red and yellow Thunderbird insignia for Oklahoma’s famed Forty-fifth Infantry Division. Big Bow settled in Yukon before his death in 1998. His work can still be viewed in museums across the nation. To learn more about Woody Big Bow, click HERE.

Beyond the permanent collection, the Union also is home to the Student Union Gallery. This space is located in the basement and features exhibitions year-round by OSU students, alumni and visiting artists. In this space, students learn how to install exhibitions as well as collaborate with professional artists such as Scott Kolbo, Bob Snead and Sara Schenckloth. The Student Union gallery has given OSU alumni such as Cassie Pickens, Jason Wallace, Scout Marshall and Mireille Damicone the opportunity to reconnect with the university through solo exhibitions.

The OSU Student Union is always an ally for the arts and a supportive collaborator with the OSU Museum of art and the OSU Department of Art. 


2017-2018 Exhibition Schedule

January 2018: ABSTRACTION..Life, Landscape and Living One Language, featuring artist Meredith Roberts and her 8-year-old daughter, Ava

February 2018: OSU Art Students-Research Week

Spring: TBA



ABSTRACTION..Life, Landscape and Living One Language


This exhibition consists of two artists, Meredith Roberts and eight-year old daughter, Ava.  The works are from life drawings, landscapes, and from living the life of an eight year old artist.  All works abstracted from reality in different ways, processes and mediums. 

The abstract Life images are works using the value of line and the placement on the page to create a form of Landscape with the figure.  The Landscape encaustic paintings are sky-scapes and aerial views; they too, can seem lifelike, almost microscopic slices of flesh.  The Living images are those of Ava’s - Her life in images; her visual language that she sees and exists in.  She watches Meredith paint and make artistic decisions that develop on the blank page.  This process of living as a maker and the space among the works, is a home, a culture and a way of life.  Things are made, destroyed, made, sold and then more questions to answer, more blank pages, to fill with each new day.  

Language, visual language, that is taught and learned is vital. 

Meredith Roberts graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in painting in 1994 and her received her Master in Art from The Ohio State University in 2001.  She is the Art Education Coordinator for Stillwater Center for the Arts.  She has taught for the last 15 years in various venues, and continues to produce and show.  Ava is a second grade student who enjoys painting, dance and making videos. 


Student Union Gallery Dimensions

Student Union Gallery Artist Agreement

If you wish to be featured as a visiting artist in the Student Union Orange Wall Gallery, please contact Kayla Loper for scheduling