Track attendance at your event with the CampusLink card swipe feature

You can check out ID card readers in 211 Student Union to track attendance at your event with CampusLink

*Usually only organization officers or advisors can create events and track attendance. If you have not already set up the event in CampusLink, see the instructions on how to set up an event.

To track attendance:

  1. Log on to CampusLink
  2. Search for your organization and follow the link to its Organization site
  3. Once on the organization’s site, click the Manage Organization button. A new "Action Center" page will display. 
  4. Click the Menu Icon next to the organization's name in the upper left corner, and select the EVENTS tab
  5. Click on the name of the event you want to track 
  6. A new "Manage Event" page will open. Click on Track Attendance
  7. You will see a Swipe Access Code and a Swipe Page URL listed. 

a.    COPY the swipe access code

b.    CLICK on the swipe page URL

c.     PASTE the access code into the enter access code field and click submit

d.    Be sure to click on the empty field to place your cursor in the field before you begin swiping cards

6.    Plug the card swipe device into a USB port on your computer or tablet and wait for the green light to stop flashing

You are now ready to track attendance for your event!

Tips: You do not have to click Submit after each swipe on the Swipe Page unless you manually enter data

Once you have swiped cards, you can return to the event page and refresh the page to view who attended the event. You can also export an excel file of the attendance by clicking the Export button

* If someone uses an invalid ID, they will show up as an unrecognized user. If this happens, the 16-digit number will still match the person’s long ID number on the front of their ID- usually starting with 6038

Track attendance to:

  1. Reduce paperwork and handwritten sign-in sheets
  2. Record members' meeting attendance
  3. See who attended a recruitment or interest session
  4. Send a survey or assessment to people who attended an event
  5. Record who attended a required meeting
  6. Track your meeting and event attendance trends