How to Create an Event in CampusLink

To create an event in CampusLink

*Usually only organization officers or advisors can create events

  1. Login to CampusLink
  2. Find the group you want to create the event for under your "Memberships" in the middle of the page
  3. Click on the group’s name and follow the link to its Organization site
  4. Once on the organization’s site, click the Manage Organization button. A new "Action Center" page will display. 
  5. Click the Menu Icon next to the organization's name in the upper left margin, and select the Events tab
  6. Click on Create Event
  7. Enter the event’s information in the required fields on the Create Event page, then click Next
  8. *If you want the event to appear on the CampusLink events list you must include a flyer or photo
  9. Agree to the posting policy, then click Submit

Your event will be approved by Leadership and Campus Life Staff. This may take up to 24 hours depending on when your event is submitted (submissions made overnight, on weekends, or during University holidays may take longer)