Create an Online Application, Web Form, or Survey

How to Create an Online Application, Web Form, or Survey

Log onto CampusLink.

  1. Find your organization by under your "Memberships"
  2. Once on the organization’s site, click the Manage Organization button. A new "Action Center" page will display. 
  3. Click the Menu Icon next to the organization's name in the upper left margin, and select the Forms tab
  4. Click on the Create Form
  5. Fill in the necessary information on the Create Form page. Be sure to check the Active box to make the form active – this will allow submissions during your specified timeframe
  6. If you want anyone to be able to submit an application, don’t check any of the boxes that restrict who can submit the form, then click Save and Add Questions
  7. On the following page, choose what type of information and how you want to collect it on the form.


  •    If you’re collecting name, email, and phone information, select Text Fields
  •    if you want applicants to rank a preference select Ranking
  •    If you want applicants to upload a resume or unofficial transcript select File Upload etc.
  1. Once you have added all of the fields you need for your application, click Back to Forms or the Forms tab, find your form on your list of forms, and click Publish
  2. The next page will give you a URL to copy for your form that you can share on your CampusLink website, through email, or on social media. Click Publish and you’re ready to start collecting forms.

NOTE* the person who created the form will automatically receive a notification whenever a form is submitted. You can also view and export a list of your forms on your organization’s Forms page.

Advantages to using online applications instead of paper

  • Online applications are date and time stamped as soon as they are submitted (no chance for a late application)
  • No lost, damaged, or incomplete applications (You can choose to make any question within the application require an answer.)
  • You can choose who has access to view and download applications. This provides an easy way to prevent unauthorized people from viewing an application.
  • Applicants will receive an email notification/receipt of their submission or can review their submission in their personal CampusLink account under the Submissions tab.