Create an Election

Creating an Election (This feature can also be used as a survey tool)

Log onto CampusLink.

  1. Find your organization by under your "Memberships"
  2. Once on the organization’s site, click the Manage Organization button. A new "Action Center" page will display. 
  3. Click the Menu Icon next to the organization's name in the upper left margin, and select the Elections tab
  4. Click on the Create Election
  5. Enter the election’s information in the required fields then click Next
  6. Once you click the Active button this will activate the election. You also can select if you would like the election to be for Members only (recommended)
  7. Click the Save button
  8. You will then be prompted to create an election Ballot
  9. You can customize your ballot in a variety of ways. Typically, ballots will have one page with a number of positions listed (President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.) using a Radio Button List that lists one candidate per line.
  10. After you have completed your ballot and would like to return to the election information, click on Back to Ballots in the top left corner of the page

Be sure that you review your ballot and election information before activating your election

To find your election results, go to Elections, click on the name of the election you have run, and then click on the Results tab. You can view and export your results in varous formats.