Add Members to Your Organization's Roster

There are two ways to add organization members to the roster.

The easiest way is to ask any new or potential member to:

  1. Login to Campuslink and search for the organization

  2. Once on the organization’s page, click the blue Join Organization button on the middle of the page.


Another method is for any officer on the roster to “invite members” to join. To do this:

  1. Search for the organization on Campuslink

  2. Once on the organization’s site, click the Manage Organization button. A new "Action Center" page will display. 

  3. Click the Menu Icon next to the organization's name in the upper left margin, and select the Roster tab

  4. Click the Invite people button. Doing so will allow you to invite up to 500 members by sending them an email invitation.

Once people have requested to join the organization either by invitation or by clicking on the Join Organization button, any officer on the roster can approve or deny the pending and prospective memberships.