CampusLink User Guide

CampusLink is OSU’s student organization, leadership development, and volunteer service database. It provides an easy way to manage all aspects of your student organization online. Use the "Manage Organization" button on your organization's homepage to manage all aspects of your organization including:

  • Creating and advertising events and meetings
  • Collecting forms, applications, and surveys online
  • Holding elections online
  • Storing important organizational files online
  • Messaging organization members
  • Tracking attendance at your events and meetings
  • Recording community service hours for you or your organization.
  • Recording your campus involvement on your student involvement transcript

*All student organizations at OSU are required to keep their officer and advisor information in CampusLink up to date since it is the only location for organization contact information.

How to: 

How to Update your CampusLink Information

How to Upload Documents on CampusLink

How to Create an Application or Survey on CampusLink 

How to Create an Event on CampusLink 

How to Create an Election on CampusLink

How to Track Attendance of events on CampusLink 

How to Record Service Hours on CampusLink 

If you have any questions on how to manage your group's Website in CampusLink, or want to learn how to do even more, please contact the Graduate Assistant for Campus Life, at 405-744-5486 or